Kristina Hirschman

Name Kristina Hirschman
Nicknames None
Certifications / Specialties / Licenses Licensed Esthetician, Journeyman, Makeup Artistry, Airbrush Certified, Waxing, Master Eyelash Extensionist, Microdermabrasion Certified, Advanced Peel Certified.
Describe yourself in 2 sentences Committed, hardworking wife and mother who LOVES her job and clients!
What is your beauty philosophy? Simplicity — find your own beauty.
Celebrities you think have the best style Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Judy Garland.
What are your guilty pleasures? iPhone cases!
When you’re not working, what can we find you doing? Hanging out with the baby, library, parties.
What can we find on your iPod? RePaul, Robyn, and Rockabye Baby.
Any bad habits you are willing to admit? I stay up too late.
What’s your favorite part of working at Athena Jean? All the pretty girls.
Picture yourself 20 years from now, what do you see? Working at Athena Jean with fabulous skin! Just TRY to guess my age!
What would you like your future clients to know about you? I will always be honest with you and respect your time with me.
Any last words before we part ways? It may hurt while you’re here, but you’ll love me when you’re done!