Shannon Cortez


Name Shannon Cortez
Nicknames N/A
Certifications / Specialties / Licenses Massage Therapy – Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy
Describe yourself in 2 sentences I have a love for people. I am friendly, hard working and love to stay busy.
What is your beauty philosophy? Modest is hottest. The more simple, the more beautiful.
Celebrities you think have the best style Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Anniston
What are your guilty pleasures? Comedy shows. Enjoying a drink with friends
When you’re not working, what can we find you doing? Being a mom, a girl scout leader or on a date with my husband
What can we find on your iPod? An accumulation of todays music and music I grew up with.
Any bad habits you are willing to admit? Starbucks junkie
What’s your favorite part of working at Athena Jean? My co-workers, my clients and feeling proud of my workplace.
Picture yourself 20 years from now, what do you see? Enjoying my grandchildren and still loving and caring for my family.
What would you like your future clients to know about you? I am here to help, relax and heal.
Any last words before we part ways? Who’s next?