Spray Tan

The newest innovation in sunless tanning!tan-206x300

Look as beautiful and empowered as you feel, with a sunless tanning and skincare system that rejuvenates the skin to develop a lasting, natural, beautiful tan.

Skin Preparation
Start your tan with Perfector to balance skin’s pH for an even, deep tan and see results in as little as 2 hours!

Formulated with:
•    Grape Seed Extract to help stimulate collagen and improve skin appearance.
•    Green Tea Extract to help reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress on the skin.
•    Ginger Root Extract to help increase circulation



Full Body Spray Tan Level One & Two


Full Body Spray Tan Level Three & Four


Skin Perfecter Pre-Sunless Prep Spray Add-On


Moisturizer Post Treatment Add-On


Double Dip Fill Body Extra Spray


Face Spray Add-On


Legs Spray Add-On